You are not a UX designer

Azaz Ahamed
3 min readJun 21, 2022

Designing 10–15 screens in a day using the same components over & over with just small iterations and you think have the designation ? It’s not wrong but too risky to call yourself an UX designer.

Then who are you actually ?

Well the answer is as simple as it is. You are a UI designer with a fast design skills with a mid level knowledge on tools you use.

You are kidding me !

No fun here buddy , you are not my nephew…Haha. Well the fact is when you say you are a UI designer then check yourself with few things listed below,

  1. I’m the master of Design System
  2. I can make any interactions as needed
  3. My visual senses are top of the table
  4. I can present the design in a systematic way
  5. I know how responsive design works
  6. I know the difference between responsive vs adaptive design
  7. My skills in software is at level best
  8. Obviously my communication skills have no doubts
  9. I can make assumptions
  10. Obviously I can follow all the aspects of UI design

Well if you get 10 out of 10 the you are step ahead of millions in the industry

Then What is UX Design ?

Do you understand what's the difference between using a keyboard & touchpad while writing emails / message to someone ?

I’m pretty sure you do ! Wait , this doesn’t make you a UX designer but you kind of understanding the definition of what is actually UX is.

UX = User + Experience

Who are User ?

You are an user and you use number of products in a day. Think of yourself using Uber while you are out. I’m sure you are now you little bit understanding what is a product & for whom it is made ?

Yes ! You are gaining it then…..

Experience ?

Hmm… Do you always find yourself interesting & engaged while using a app or website ? How many times you installed an app for a min & then uninstalled it again ?

Experience is something that someone can achieve by doing an activity with a product (Can be digital or physical). Opening up your phone to call someone from your contact list without a single hassle that’s an example of experience that makes you satisfied. But when you find yourself buying a product from ecommerce requires long user registration that’s an example of bad experience you just encountered !

Is That All UX Design Is ?

Dare not to think about it. You just started climbing up on Everest. Keep moving forward you will get to the end of it. When you are done then you know the results !