Thief Guard Bangladesh | Product Design Case Study

Azaz Ahamed
5 min readMay 28, 2021


Introducing a security service for your smart device that allows you to relax whether you are in public bus or in market

Theif guard is a mobile application focused on providing extra security for mobile carriers across the country they live in. This application has an advanced security system that allows user to track their device locations whether it's lost or not. It also supports an alarm system for unauthorized access and actions.

When it comes to design products for users then it is a crucial stage where I have to think about the design. My design thinking had 5 phases


My Empathetic Understanding

“ User has his rights to be safe with his device and should have an exact solution if their device is lost or stolen “


I’ve to work on the user freedom & the action they take when they might not be in the driving seat at all.

Define (The Problem)

During the Define stage, This is where I analyzed my observations (Empathise Stage) and synthesize them in order to define the core problems that I have identified up to this point.

Problems I Found

Rare security applications & difficult to control

“ Users are actively searching for a security platform with easy & accessible features which will bring an extra security backup when they are not in control of their device “


  1. Establish a strong visual platform for them
  2. Get rid of disturbing interfaces like other security apps like this
  3. Should be easily accessible but needs to be usable as well.
  4. User freedom and flexibility of uses
  5. Help & Documentation for end users so that they can understand what they are up to.
  6. Simple interaction for end-users

Ideate (Creating Possible Ideas)

Brainstorm and Worst Possible Idea sessions are typically used to stimulate free thinking and to expand the problem space. It is important to get as many ideas or problem solutions as possible at the beginning of the Ideation phase.

My Ideation Techniques

  1. Product Analysis
  2. Market Demand Research
  3. User persona’s
  4. User Observation
  5. Heuristics Evaluation

After doing research and both practical works on the above-mentioned steps I found out some of the keynotes that really connects to what I’ve designed for

Here are the points that were crucial for this product,

  1. 75% of users lose their device when they are in running after public buses
  2. User with smartphones are more careful than others but still, their ratio of losing a phone is higher
  3. After losing their phone very few of them are encouraged to go for GD as it seems nothing for them
  4. 4. After losing the phone they are rarely getting back the device and looking after the phone by tracking or going to police stations.
  5. Almost all smartphone users are excited to get a security service for their mobile which will help them to find out their stolen phone quickly and easily.
  6. After losing their phone they are worried about their privacy and in device data such as images, numbers , accounts, etc.

The solution I’ve worked on

Intruder Selfie

Intruder Selfie allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device without your authorization.

Jealous partner?
Think somebody has quickly looked at your phone while you weren’t paying attention? Don’t worry! With Intruder Selfie™ you will know at any time who unlocked your device!

Intruder Selfie Feature

Movement Alert

It will notify you whenever your phone is being moved. It will alert when your phone is kept somewhere & someone is trying to move it. Application will play alarm to alert you immediately.

Movement Alert Feature

Track Device

This feature will update the device current location of every 30 minutes to the Admin web panel on a regular basis

Track Device Features

Stop Shutdown

Stop shutdown allows protecting devices not to shut down. This allows you to protect your device from theft & save valuable data.

Stop Shutdown Feature & GPS Settings

Lock Camera

This allows you to take multiple photos of the same scene with the same focus point and exposure value without having to set the focus and exposure for every shot.

Lock Camera Feature

And some of the new features to come……


Designing product for our end users are always fun and this is no exception whether its food delivery app or a security app that protects users.

Test & Prototype

After the design sections are done, I made the prototype for beta testing, and it checks all usability heuristics. To ensure usability heuristics,

I tested my prototype on these parameters,

  1. Visibility of system status
  2. Recognition rather recall
  3. Error prevention
  4. Recover from mistakes
  5. Signal to noise ratio
  6. Speaks the user language
  7. Entry-action-done user flow
  8. User independence and control

This product is still yet to come to the final stage but so far what I’ve worked for is the experience of our end-users that will carry out towards their final goal of this service and help them to be safe and relax with their smart devices wherever they are.